Friday, 27 February 2015

The Oompah Roundabout news.

                                                The Oompah Roundabout news.
The Oompah Roundabout are planning to go back into the studio (Gap Central recording studio)
to record their new song!
This will be their 5th single release. They are also planning a higher output this year (2015) with plenty of material to choose from they tell me they basically pull a song name out of a hat and that becomes the next release! Their new song is entitaled "Big Knob"! A catchy medium paced song with lots of lalalala's as Windy and Hormone put it in the song for everyone to sing a long to.
Hormone has just returned from a Holiday to Bali where he got two new tattoo's, a new cymbal and cow bell for The Oompah Roundabout studio drum kit and a nice new canon lense to use on future film clips at Halfanacker film studio.
Hormone has just put up a video of his tattoo session on The Oompah Roundabout uTube channel!
I'll put the link here.
They have also just bought a new old vintage YC-20 Yamaha organ that they will use on future songs and they have a video of that on The Oompah Roundabout uTube channel as well, With Hormone showing off his brilliant playing skills! George wobble, Hormone's much love shitzu just loves his playing! Poor Dog! hahahahaha
I'll put that link here.
So if you are into truly indie rock then check out The Oompah Roundabout! They write, Record,and produce all their music, using real instruments. Basically it's old school recording using digital instead of tape. They also film and edit their own video's with a 0 budget and learning as they go philosophy.
They have as they say loads of fun.
Support this Australian indie band and like,subscribe and comment on their video's!
They tell me they will reply to all comments good and bad.
I'll put their uTube channel link here.
The following links are some of the places where you can download The Oompah Roundabout songs!

Some of Hormones guitar's.

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