Former Monkee Peter Tork's Debut album!

                                           Former Monkee Peter Tork's Debut Album!
Former Monkee Peter Tork's debut solo album is a delicious array of rock, pop, and blues, featuring brilliant harmonies and tight orchestrations, with a little help from some friends.

Album Notes
For starters, James Lee and I got Darren Elpant to bring his electronic drum pads in, and got Tommy Mars on the keyboard. We input their efforts into the computer. We got the lovely Pat Holloway to play bass onto tape, then we sent them all home and messed with their stuff on the computer. So anything you don't like is probably our fault. Then we did some more songs from scratch. Except where noted on the CD jacket, I played guitars and banjo, James and/or I played/programmed the music. After that we got (in alphabetical order): Mickey Dolenz, Jim Ehinger, Owen Elliot, Laurence Juber, Marc McClure, Michael Nesmith, MacKenzie Phillips, Timothy B Schmit, Anita Sherman, James Lee Stanley, Deborah Van Valkenburgh and Mel Vasquez, to contribute. Kelli Day and Bunny Day provided inspiration coordination. Of course, we're beholden to them all. When we are restored to our rightful place on the throne, they will not be forgotten.

Above all, of course, we thank the Source, the sine qua non, aka the Tao. Also thank God the elevator's still broken.

Our most gracious thanks to Dan Tinen and Alesis for the use of their ADATS; Thom Bishop for the loan of that magical mystical L-4 gibson we used on Sea Change and for timely supportive ears. Speaking of ears, Eveline Stanley brought hers in every day and we're grateful.

My personal thanks to James, I have my first solo album, after all these many moons. How far freakin' out, man. I waited a long time to work with him again. Thanks beyond words buddy. Thanks, too, to those who stuck by me.

Love to all,

Check it out! click the link below and preview the tracks free! It's a great album.  

Peter Tork: Stranger Things Have Happened

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