"Breed with you" The Oompah Roundabout.

                                           "Breed with you" The Oompah Roundabout. Great stuff.

The Oompah Roundabout are from Perth Western Australia! We love catchy Rock/pop music and thats what we are about! We Record all our music in our home studio ( gap central recording studio ) and have our songs mixed and mastered by our good friends at The Wave shop in the USA. Breed with you is our fourth release, It's punchy, tight and to the point , riff driven with a strong beat! The Kinks and The Easybeats came to mind when we recorded this song! Windy and I (Hormone) had a great laugh doing the middle eight crowd part. This is our 4th song release, We hope you enjoy this track, peace and love to all,
Their best work yet! Great stuff!

The Oompah Roundabout: Breed With You

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