Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Oompah Roundabouts new video clip!!!

                                              The Oompah Roundabouts video clip!!!
The Oompah Roundabouts new video clip is out! filmed last saturday night ( 07-12-13) in one long and funny session! The boys from the Rockingham/Kwinana area about 30mins south of Perth, Western Australia, as with Recording, use a do it yourself approach to filming! Not knowing much about film making, (what they do know they get from uTube!) isn't stopping them from having a crack!
Most of the backgrounds for this vid were shot around their local area. All filming was done using an iphone and 2 ipads! The vid was, as with The Wibble Wobble clip was! compiled and edited using iMovie!
Not that they wish to be seen promoting Apple products free of charge, and they arn't getting paid to either! But more so want others to know what can be done with out spending HUGE amounts of money on hiring someone to do it for you, or buying exspensive filming eqiupment! Both clips were made using green screens ( green bed sheets pegged up! HAHA) and to anyone who knows about green-screening  their are obious floors in their method! (sheets not dark enough in green colour!) 
Hormone and Windy Wobble tell me the sheets are already being dyed a greener green for the next clip! 
So it's finaly out!!! The clip to their second single, "I want a girl ( my own age )" 
The uTube link will be at the bottom of this post!!!
The Oompah Roundabout are self funded! 100% indie!
If you would like to purchase one or both of their songs they have out thus far, They are available at 
itunes / / Amazon mp3 /  google play / and they can be streamed on jango / shazam / slacker radio / spotify / Omnifone / Tripple j unearthed / and any other download and streaming sites.
You can visit and if you want also join their mailing list at
And all are welcome to check out their facebook page
And they would love you to check out and maybe like and subscrbe to their uTube channel 

They have asked me to send a big thanks to everyone for the support and love that is being displayed and they wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas!     
                                                                                     Oh and one last thing!!!
                                                                                                                               OOMPAH! :):)