Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Must Have Book!!!!!!!!

RECORDING THE BEATLES by Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan is a book about exactly that! It tells and shows the reader the studio equipment and techniques used to create their classic albums, from please please me through to abbey road. From the early 2 mic drum set up to the 1967 6 mic drum set up! Mic types and where they were used. Amps and guitars that were used on what songs! Recording processes! the incredibly short amount of time taken to record each album. Techniques that were created that are still widely used in today's recording industry. Full of great pictures and diagrams and some great history on abbey road recording studios and also other studios they used! This is a Must Have Book for Recording enthusiast and Beatles fans alike! Published by curvebender publishing. I find myself constantly flicking through this brilliant book!
 STUDIO 2 control room
 Run through pics
 1967 Drum mic setup

 STUDIO 2 control room layout 1962
 The Beatles studio layout 1965
 1962 control room pic
 The EMI designed and built REDD.51. mixing desk
 The EMI The TG12345 mark 1 mixing desk used around the ABBEY ROAD aldum. Also EMI Designed and built!
 Echo chamber 2, Abbey Road
 Both ends of studio 2 Abbey Rd

 Diagram of Abbey Rd studio
 Abbey Rd studio's
 Book Front Cover
 Slide out box book comes in!