Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Control Room At Gap Central Studio! (The Wind Room)

Hey there everyone! This is a few pics of my home studio control room (The Wind Room) Named after me mate Windy! It's a very small room but very functional! http://www.theoompahroundabout.com/
 Me desk complete with me old Band Poster from the 80s The EFFEX!
 Pic of an EMI REDD.51 mixing desk used at Abbey Rd and all EMI studio's through the 50s and 60s!
 MOJO mag framed with Mr George Harrison on the cover!
 Me most exo imac! nice and stable for studio work! And me Mackie onyx 1640 desk! Also exo!
 This shows you looking through 2 double laminated glassed windows into my live room!
 My wind Room sign i had made in Bali wiv The Beatles Hey Jude Apple single underneath!
 To the right of me imac! Cables,leads,and buddha! A person needs just three things to be truly happy in the world! Someone to love, Something to do, And something to hope for! Nice words! But i think maybe a few more than just three! :) 
Monitor speakers! Behringer truths! Budget but sound nice! Yamaha next!
 Mackie onyx 1640 mixing desk
 Effects rack!
 Hatch way through to the live room!
 Sheet music.
 Corner bass trap and my fingers!!!
 Mags look great framed! And 3 very naughty gnomes!Giving it all that! 

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