Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Music and Stuff

                                                                 Music and Stuff!
A lot has been said about today's music! To me there is some great stuff and some crap stuff out there.
And having said that, Personal taste is an  individual thing that everyone has and everyones personal taste differs! In most cases it comes down to cost! Record labels aren't making the money they once
made due to the massive amounts of illegal downloading that happens these days so they need to cut recording costs, And they also don't take as many risks on what they put out, So rather than support artists of talent and difference they go for things that sell, 
Now to say that labels didn't do that before the digital age would be wrong! Yes, they did! But and it's a big but! It is hard to see where the next truly lasting big thing is going to come from in the future.
The beatles were turned down by many labels for different reasons, The last reason is famous! Decca
records label heads said to them "guitar bands are on the way OUT! Laughable that in 1961/62 that
that was their attitude! George Martin for some reason could see that they had something! This was a guy that had never before recorded a rock/pop group! But he was prepared to take a risk! And when at  the meeting of EMI label heads he told them of his find and planned signing of them ( The Beatles ) 
They laughed at him! The rest of that great rags to riches story is history, 
These days its doubtful that will happen again! 2 reasons! reason 1, Finding a group or solo artist with 
that emence talent! Reason 2, Finding a real record label with a George Martin type person running it
who is prepared and can afford to take a risk!
Not someone who looks for the best looking girl or boy that can simply be auto tuned and who can dance! 
Now i'm not going to sit here and bag out different artists! There is no point! and all being said, This is
only my point of view, and their are always exceptions! eg: The Arctic Monkey's come to mind,
But not on the scale of yesteryear! 
And on another positive  note, It is fun scraping through the crap and finding some still great bands out there doing some great stuff. eg, Paul Weller, The Kooks, The Kaiser Chiefs  and of corse Windy and I
( The Oompah Roundabout ) we don't use Auto tuning or any music loops, Really we still record the way it was done years ago but we record onto a mac instead of tape.
We are lucky that we have our own studio! We never bothered to try for a contract for many reasons!
Our, age! Our looks! hahaha to name a couple! and the main reason being we want to put out what we want wether it sells or not!