Saturday, 20 September 2014

Daptone Records.

                                                        Daptone Records.
Daptone records was founded in 2001, by Neal Sugarman and Gabe Roth!
Converting an old 2-story town house in the working class area, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
into an analog recording mecca of soul and funk!
Head studio engineer Gabe Roth captures a cool 60s/70s sound. Daptone has a house band The Dap Kings, who are truly a class act, and provide the backing music for star soul singers
Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley,  To list just a couple!
Recordings from Daptone are available in many formats including: vinyl, cassette tape! CD, and mp3 download!

A truly amazing independent Record company full of soul and heart.
I have no affiliation with Daptone! It's a label i came across while browsing on uTube and was so impressed to find a cool old school Record company that record talented people!
I for one will be following this label with keen interest and as a lover of vinyl can't wait to organise my first order of 45s!
Daptones website link is here.