Sunday, 14 April 2013

Me In My Little Home Studio !

Hi there to all my blog readers new, old, and young! ha This is a pic of me in my home studio! I'll be posting more pics of my studio and equipment and also doing a short video series soonish. It's a small studio in my garage consisting of a live room and small control room. Sound separation between the two rooms is surprisingly good! Although the studio isn't 100% sound proofed when outside, it's good enough that i can smash me drums or and play me guitar too the early hours of the morning if the need be. Outside noise isn't noticeable. I did all the work myself so i could concentrate my extremely small budget of $3000 aussie on materials. I also hope to have some music out soonish as well. Soonish is my new fave word! It means when i get off my lazy bot bot haha!! :) So  if your interested in recording and what can be achieved in a small budget home studio, stay tuned, At this stage im not wanting to use loops. Just old school recording but it will be digital. Old school, New school! ha :))