Monday, 22 April 2013

Gretsch Catalina Club Drums

Hi to everyone!!!! A few pics of my Gretsch Catalina club drum kit! It's a nice sounding kit. My studio live room is small so this small kit is a perfect choice. in front of the bass drum and to each side i have 3 movable acoustic panel's. If recording other instruments at the same time as the drums this keeps spill onto the drum mics nice and low. In fact i was shocked at how successful this is!!! it's also great for rehearsing as it helps keep the drum volume down! I made all my panel's by framing with pine (wood) insulation Bat's. I then covered the whole lot with old sheets. For legs i used bookcase brackets. I'll show pics of the panel's latter. As you can see the kit sits on a carpet rug (Ikea) and that's on top of a small drum riser! The riser does 2 jobs! It helps cut down any low end vibration from the drums and also gave me somewhere to run the mic cables and mic snake from the control room! I also covered insulation Bat's in material and screwed them too the ceiling! This creates a cool little drum booth! more pics and a video to come. :)