Friday, 26 September 2014

Toe rag recording studio:

                                                        Toe rag recording studio:
Another truly cool studio producing a warm old school music sound! We at Gap central need a tape deck, it's now on the "stuff" to buy list!
to add to the studio! anyway, on with the show! Toe rag has the look, gear and sound!
The studio was established in 1991 by Liam Watson and Josh Collins in the Shoreditch area of London. In 1997, the business migrated to Hackney because of climbing overheads. Although the studio didn't open to only take care of the analogue side of recording, it was shaped to eventually use analogue gear (notwithstanding the expense), as "there were heaps of [cheap digital studios] opening up all the time and then shutting down each week on the grounds that they didn't generally offer anything different.
Not withstanding a CD and Dat recorder on hand, The emphasis is on analogue at Toe Rag!
The studio uses Studer tape machines, it has a 1-inch 8 Track, a 2-inch 16 Track and a 2 Track quarter inch.

For monitoring the control room has a set of 15"Tannoy Red load speakers,as shown on the above picture mounted above one of the two vintage mixing desks! This one being a calrec, the other being an "EMI RED 17". Out board processing with some vintage EQs, compression and Reverb racks. An assortment of vintage mics from Neumann,Reslo and STC.
This coupled with vintage guitar amps, from Vox, Fender, Selmer and a vintage Hammond organ and Ludwig and Gretsch Drum kits added to the fold makes for recorded bliss. A live room that producess that special sound! All the stuff needed to create analogue music at it's best.