Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bruce Foxton.

                                                                     Bruce Foxton.
Bruce Foxton, bass player, song writer, singer! was born in working, Surrey England 1 september 1955.
He, Rick Buckler and Paul Weller made up that iconic band from the late 1970s early 1980s The Jam.
Unfortunately The Jam split in 1982! leaving millions of fans, me included! Disappointed!
Bruce went on with a short solo career releasing the album "Touch sensitive" (#68 uk) and had minor
uk hits in 1983-84 with "Freak" and "This is the way" "Makes me wonder" . He later joined "Stiff little fingers" and was in that band for 15 years! Stiff little fingers released 5 albums.
In 1995 he and Jam drummer Rick Buckler collaborated on "our story" a biogrophy on their years in The Jam.
And then in Febuary 2007 Bruce and Rick did what Jam fans around the world could only dream about! They announced that the 2 of them would be reforming along with members from 
"The Gift" a Jam Tribute band and go on tour! In march 2008 they toured Australia and New Zealand! I caught the Perth show ( Western Australia ) And although Paul Weller wasnt in the band they still sounded great and true! My older brother was with me, He being the one to turn me onto The Jam!
Knowing how i was feeling about seeing 2 of my 7 hero's, The others being, John ,Paul, George, Ringo, and Paul Weller, and seeing his face light up made my day! Bruce released a solo album in 2012 called "Back in the room". 
This link is to Bruce Foxton's official web site.

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