Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Oompah Roundabouts first interview!

                                             The Oompah Roundabouts first interview!
The Oompah Roundabout filmed their first interview last night ( Sat/ 19-07-2014 )
Filmed at Halfanacker film studio in Kwinana Western Australia the boy's home studio.
The interviewer was none other than their close friend Miss Squeak of google+ and uTube fame.
The boy's at the best of times don't take themselves too seriously and this interveiw was no different.
They have told me that once the interview has been edited it will be uploaded to their uTube channel.
They hope to do more of these types of video's in the future for their channel as well as their song video clips.
Their new single is currently at The Waveshop in The USA being mixed and mastered.
It, along with their previous 3 singles, 1, The Wibble Wobble. 2, I want a girl my own age. 3,Holiday are available for download at:
The first interview link : 

And many more!
They can be streamed on:
and many more! 
Check out and subscribe to their uTube channel:
These pics were taken last night before filming commenced. 

Pics of the set at Halfanacker studio! 

        Windy and Hormone!

Windy, Miss Squeak and Hormone! Oompah! :):)