Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Oompah Roundabouts new vid Holiday is out.

                                  The new Oompah Roundabouts vid Holiday is out.
The video clip to the new Oompah Roundabout song "Holiday" is up on their uTube channel.This is the 
it's another fun clip with the boy's not taking themselve's too seriously once again.
Filmed at Halfanacker studio ( Homone Howe's back garden ) with some background footage from a recent trp to Bali and  at a local Kwinana, West Australian park, also pic's from some great Holiday destinations from around the world.
The boy's, extreamly new to the art of video clip making are turning out some fun product and making improvments as they go! With Recording plans already made for their 4th and 5th singles i look forward to seeing what comes next.
The Oompah Roundabout Record at their music at their Home studio. So if you want to suport this truly 100% indie outfit check out their uTube channel. Their songs, "The Wibble Wobble", "I want a girl (my own age)" And their latest "Holiday" are available for download everywhere.

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