Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Oompahs 3rd Single is out.

                                                     The Ompahs 3rd Single is Out.
The Oompah Roundabouts 3rd single is out! The song is called "Holiday", It's a fast paced song about, you guessed it! Going away on a "Holiday". Recorded in thier Home studio "Gap central recording studio". When the sessions started and then progressed to doing the vocals, It became apparent to Hormone that they had recorded it in the wrong key! He couldn't hit the notes as it was far to HIGH!
After haveing a good laugh over it and saying " You wrote it and you couldn't remember what key it was in" The boys rerecorded it, this time in the correct key and finished the whole song in one session.
It's available at for download now and will be available at all the other  download sites by the end of next week! The Oomps assure me the video should be up by mid april. So support a trully 100% indie band with no million dollar contract! They do it all themselves, Recording,Video making! 
This is the link to their cdbaby page. Oh and they told me to say thanks for all the support and also for all the utube views,  Oompah!! :):)

The new song "Holiday"

Their second single "I want a girl, My own age"

Their dabut single "The Wibble Wobble" 

Oompah! :):)