Friday, 6 September 2013

Recording new song!!! ( The Oompah Roundabout )

Our second recording session for our second song took place last night! [ 5-9-2013 ] We had an exo and most fruitful time getting the lead vocals, back up vocals, and bass guitar down!! All that remains is the lead guitar break! We are thinking of also adding  acoustic guitar and tambourine as well ! We record the old school way as far as using real instruments, We don't use instrument loops! if we want a tambourine we play one! It's much more fun! Once the tracking is finished, prob, one more session then the song will be ready for mixing and mastering which we will get done by the waveshop in the USA again! 
Hormone and Windy!! 
The video shoot!! 
Hormone and Windy!!
                         A noice scoot!!!!!                                                                                                
                                The Wibble Wobble is Available for download at iTunes, cdbaby, Amozon mp3, Available for streaming at jango, spotify and shazam! The video is on utube! This is the link..