Wednesday, 31 July 2013

First Single Out This Week!

The Oompah Roundabout !
Hi to all my friends! Hope your all well, safe, and happy. With great excitement im pleased to announce the release of our very first single on itunes spotify  ext this week! It should be up by friday! Its called The Wibble Wobble ! and we are called The Oompah Roundabout ! Recorded here at Gap Central Recording Studio West Australia (my garage) and mix and mastered at the waveshop USA!!!! its Indie Pop/Rock at its best! guitar, bass, and my friend and great drummer Mr Windy Craigmile on drums! Work has begun on our first album, and our follow up single chosen. more info and pics will be posted here soon! Your support and love is welcomed!                                                               sincerely                                                              
         Hormone Howe!  me :)          

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