Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's Get Healthy Time For Me!!!!!

Hi everyone! Well im on a new fitness kick! Gave up the ciggies about 8 months ago and put on a few extra kilo's. Ive got me lazy bum back to the gym, nothing too mad at the moment, 3 times a week ! i'll pick it up as i feel more energetic. im aiming too lose around the 10 kilo mark. Gonna give this diet plan ago ive come across on line! The PALEO RECIPE BOOK!! Looks nice and easy, not to mention yummo! HAHA its well priced and looks fairly comprehensive! the site is  . ill attempt to put the link on here but if i cant will take you there. If any of you try it let us know how you go! i'll do the same.                                 WOW!!!!!  I DID IT!!!! :)                                                              

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